Advocates for Youth Celebrates the Re-introduction of the EACH Act

Advocates for Youth applauds today’s re-introduction of the EACH (Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Care) Act, legislation which lifts bans on abortion coverage, led by Senators Duckworth, Murray, and Hirono in the Senate. Every person, no matter their income, how they are insured, and where they live should have access to affordable abortion care when they need it. Bans on abortion coverage disproportionately affect low income women, women of color, and young people, who are more likely to be enrolled in government-funded healthcare. Even if they can overcome barriers like transportation or housing, many youth simply may not be able to afford abortion care if insurance coverage is not available. 

Young people have the right to access a full range of reproductive healthcare options, including abortion. The EACH Act brings us one step closer to a world where abortion care is there for every young person who needs it, without barriers based on who they are, where they are from, or how much they earn.