Advocates for Youth Applauds the Re-introduction of the EACH Act

Advocates for Youth applauds today’s reintroduction of the EACH (Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Care) Act, legislation which lifts bans on abortion coverage, led by Representatives Lee (D-CA), Degette (D-CO), Shackowsky (D-IL), and Pressley (D-MA) in the House. We are proud to support this groundbreaking legislation to undo harmful restrictions on federal funding for abortion care and help ensure that all people, no matter their income, how they are insured, and where they live, have access to the healthcare they need. 

Young people are more likely to be enrolled in government-funded healthcare, leaving them disproportionately impacted by the Hyde Amendment and without the income to pay for abortion care out of pocket. Even if they could afford the procedure, youth are more likely to face barriers to accessing safe abortion care due to lack of resources, greater challenges with finding transportation or places to stay, and additional money to pay for incidental expenses. 

Young people have the right to access a full range of reproductive healthcare options, including abortion. Passing legislation like the EACH Act would guarantee abortion coverage and get us one step further toward a future where abortion care is there for everyone who needs it.