Abortion Care is Essential Care

The decision of Ohio’s attorney general to force clinics to stop offering abortion care is unnecessary, opportunistic, and incredibly callous. Governor DeWine’s administration is using this opportunity to continue his extremist anti-abortion agenda, rather than truly looking out for public health and safety. 

Unlike some procedures, abortion is time-sensitive. It can’t simply be delayed. And with social distancing measures expected to last weeks and months, this decision should be called what it is: forced birth for thousands.

“Over 1500 storytellers have contributed to the Abortion Out Loud campaign, and in each and every case, someone’s abortion was essential to their health, their wellbeing, and their future. Abortion saves lives. Abortion protects physical and mental health. Abortion protects families,” said Debra Hauser, President, Advocates for Youth.

We’ve said it over and over:  outlawing abortion won’t make abortion go away.  It will just make it riskier. That couldn’t be more true now. The DeWine Administration with one stroke of the pen has transformed a basic procedure with minimal risk into one which requires waiting, travel, and perhaps even an overnight stay near an out-of-state clinic: barriers which while once costly and inconvenient, may now further the spread of a pandemic. 

The DeWine Administration should stick to managing the pandemic within Ohio’s borders, and stop curtailing our rights and endangering our health. Abortion care is essential care, plain and simple.”