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Do not let the religious right dictate the story of your life. Do not let them feel bad about this decision. Only YOU know if it is the right one for YOU.


I had to have two doctors sign off on the procedure because of my young age, but I managed to convince them that I never, ever wanted children. I knew I should never have them. I was right, and I have never changed my mind nor do I have any regrets.


Politicians in Mississippi have almost succeeded in shutting down even that clinic - litigation is still ongoing. We must do more to protect women's choices and voices.


You don't have to like abortion, but until women and girls have parity with men, it is a reality. My abortion has made me a better person, a more confident woman, free to care deeply for my loved ones.


My parents had told me before I left for college that if I ever got pregnant before marriage or had an abortion they would never speak to me again. Of course I figured it could never happen to me.

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