They Turn their Backs, We Fight Back

None of this is okay.

For months, Trump, his Administration, his Senators, and conservative state legislatures across the country have sent a message that they simply do not care about marginalized communities, whether they be young people, women, LGBTQ, immigrants, Muslims, communities of color, or simply someone who cannot afford healthcare.

This week, the Senate republicans voted for a shell of a bill to move toward taking away healthcare from millions of Americans by repealing the Affordable Care Act. Every version they have put forth shows how little they regard the health and well-being of millions of young people.

In Texas, the state legislature is on its way to instituting hate in public schools and local communities by stripping protections from trans individuals, especially trans students. Plain and simple, Senate Bill 3 was passed by bullies who wish to ostracize and make trans young people feel unsafe. It is was a cowardly act and an affront to young people everywhere, not just in the state of Texas.


Today, the President attacked the LGBTQ community once again, by turning his back on thousands of trans service members and veterans who have served our county with courage and conviction. Banning those from the trans community who wish to serve is outright discrimination and will not stand. Once again, Trump’s bigotry shows that he is on the wrong side of history.

But we also know that young people are continuing to fight back. Young people across the country are fighting for their rights to lead lives free from discrimination and disparities. They are calling their representatives to share their stories of healthcare access; protesting at the state house to share their stories of discrimination; educating and mobilizing their peers to ensure young people’s voices are heard and prove they will not back down in the face of such outrageous and cruel attacks on their rights and bodies.

Advocates for Youth will continue to be right by their side, fighting for what’s right. We denounce the decisions made by the Trump Administration, his Senator cronies, and many state legislatures across the country that put the health and lives of young people at risk and we commit to continue fighting for and with youth on the frontlines of this movement.