Statement on Trump’s Expanded Travel Ban

The Trump administration has decided to commemorate the third anniversary of the Muslim Ban by adding an additional six countries to the list of places whose citizens are restricted from entering the United States. The countries added include Sudan, Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, and Tanzania. This ban is another part of this President’s pattern of othering and ostracizing people of color both within and outside of our borders. For the last three years, we have watched this president fan the flames of hate and bigotry, inciting and turning a blind eye to violence that has forced people of color and religious minorities to live with increased fear. Rather than acting on prejudices against people hoping to come to the United States, the government should be working on rooting out racism and white supremacy that has become increasingly visible. Immigrants are an important part of our country’s culture and history, and to enact a travel ban based on bigotry and ignorance is contemptible.