State-Sponsored Violence Must End

Young people are, and have been, leading the Black Lives Matter movement.  Youth are at the forefront of demands to end police violence, including the senseless killing of George Floyd. It is tragic that these efforts must continue in the midst of a pandemic. But police violence and white supremacy have not abated. Many feel more comfortable condemning property damage rather than addressing the terrible oppression that is at root of the outbreak of violent protest. The President of the United States has even threatened additional violence, a criminal misuse of power far more dangerous than any actions taken by protestors. Young Black people face more and more threats to their health and well-being: and government systems seem intent on harming them further rather than providing the support they need. 

Advocates for Youth joins protestors and young people in calling for an end to police and state-sponsored violence. The systems that put Black lives at risk must be dismantled. Young people have the right to lead healthy lives, and that includes living free of the fear of being killed by their own government. 

We can help keep protestors safe and bail out the imprisoned by donating to Minnesota Freedom Fund.