“A Very Queer Love Letter to Alabama”

Foster, a state activist and a member of Advocates for Youth’s Media Team, wrote this excellent piece for AL.com:  

“When Adam and I worked to organize and mobilize for change to sex education laws, we were undercut even by those who supported our cause. Tens of thousands of people signed and commented on our petition. Every third comment was some variation of “This is the 21st century” “Alabama is disgusting” “You poor children!” One commenter even suggested a revamping of the Underground Railroad to remove LGBTQ young people from the South. When we read those comments, we did not feel loved. We did not feel safe. And we did not agree.

The South is a region that comes with incredible bigotry but also an incredible history of organizing and resistance. Queer people here face incredible barriers, but our experiences and feelings about our state are not a monolith. My queer Alabama is beautiful and resilient. When I found activism in my community, it changed my life.”

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