A few months ago I found myself crying in the bathroom of my dorm room. I was with my sister and just found out I was 19, single, and pregnant. I had been going through a bad breakup and had just started seeing my ex about 3 weeks prior. When we dated, we had talked about what would happen if I were to get pregnant, abortion was always the option. I have always been very pro-choice and thought that decision would be a no brainer. Until I found myself in that situation. I told my ex, my parents, and he told his parents as well. Exactly a week later, I found myself sitting in the clinic alone waiting to get the pills for a chemical abortion. At that time I was just over 4 weeks pregnant. I am now a few months post abortion and have found myself consumed with regret and constantly wondering “what if?”, these things are slowly consuming me. I just wish I had someone who stopped me and told me to slow down and think about what I was doing before I jumped into terminating the pregnancy. If so I would either be more at peace with my decision or not dreading when my due date roles around next summer.