Advocates Applauds Justice Department’s Affirmation of Transgender Rights

“Let us write a different story this time. Let us not act out of fear and misunderstanding, but out of the values of inclusion, diversity and regard for all that make our country great.”

Yesterday, May 10,  United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch held a press conference at which she issued a groundbreaking statement condemning North Carolina’s transphobic law HB2 and affirming the Obama administration’s support of transgender rights. 

We applaud President Obama and Attorney General Lynch for this inspiring moment of leadership.   All young people have the right to lead safe and healthy lives, and to privacy and personal dignity.  

Said Advocates for Youth President Debra Hauser, “Millennials will not allow this country to move backward.  They are fierce advocates for transgender rights across the nation.  This move by the Justice Department reflects young people’s efforts and reinforces their values of fairness and celebrating transgender people for who they are.”