Vivian, Photographed by Victoria Torres Garcia

“At 17 I was forced to travel across state lines to authorize my abortion service without a parent’s involvement. At this age, I felt I was mature enough to make an informed decision about my body and my future. I refused to go before a judge to seek permission to get a procedure without a parents permission. I had no other choice but to raise the money to pay for a procedure out of pocket and on a greyhound bus travel to Illinois. The political climate, not my abortion, caused my trauma. Now I work as an advocate for women and migrants who need health care, to try to ease the trauma they experience.”

Victoria Torres Garcia, 21, is a rising senior at Lake Forest College and member of 1 in 3 campaign. She is pursuing a career in public health. In addition, Victoria has been working as a peer wellness educator for almost six years. On campus, Victoria raises awareness on issues such women’s rights, sexual education, abortion stigma, and mental health.