Stephanie, Photographed by Dani Hunter

“The ease with which I was able to choose and access abortion care is a reflection of my privilege. When I had my abortion in 2006, I was a middle-class teenager living in a state where abortion care was granted additional protection by the state constitution, and I had the unconditional emotional and financial support of my family. I was empowered to make my own decisions and was never told ‘no’ or ‘wait.’ Choice shouldn’t be a privilege; it should be the standard experience for every pregnancy.”

Dani Hunter is a former photojournalist and current communications manager at a non-profit in Chicago. Originally from Tennessee, she earned two B.S. degrees in English and Political Science from Austin Peay State University and has received several awards in photography and writing. In December, Dani will graduate with her Master’s in Public Administration and Policy from American University.