I was 17 when I was in a horrific car accident and was prescribed antibiotics. Little did I know, the effectiveness of birth control is significantly reduced while on antibiotics. I had been using birth control pills for almost a year, but that didn’t matter because I still got pregnant. I was in the delayed entry program to join the military. I was an honors student, active in the community, and had my career path in front of me. I decided to get an abortion on the 5th of Nov, a day that I will always remember. I don’t regret my decision, I remember this day because as I walked into Planned Parenthood, I knew I was among women that understood I was not ready to be a mom. The staff took such good care of me, and I am forever grateful. Everyone women must have the right to chose, regardless of your age, race, reason, or circumstance. It doesn’t matter, it’s your body.