Gabriella, Photographed by Lelanie Foster

The fabric used in the images was inspired by the Rebozo cloth (traditionally used to support pregnant people in labor and postpartum) that Gabriella uses while working as a Doula and is symbolic of the invaluable emotional and physical support Gabriella has provided to people through abortions, miscarriages, births and deaths.

Lelanie Foster is a portrait, fashion, fine art and documentary photographer from the Bronx, NY. After spending much of her upbringing training as a modern dancer, she found her love for photography while a student at Barnard College. She continued her photographic studies at the International Center of Photography, interned on the award winning documentary, “Through a Lens Darkly”, and went on to work in photo production at Art + Commerce’s PRODn before assisting portrait and fashion photographers whilst honing her technical skills, particularly in black and white and film photography. One of her most exciting photographic experiences includes shooting portraits of Solange Knowles during her first trip to Havana, Cuba. Lelanie has recently begun shooting portraits for the Styles section of the New York Times and is a member of ASMP, the Young Photographers Alliance and Diversify.Photo. Lelanie’s personal photographic work explores themes and complexities of identity, beauty and womanhood through the lens of her experiences as a black, caribbean, multi-ethnic, Latina growing up in New York City. Her artwork is often celebratory, explorative, vulnerable and self reflective through which she seeks to achieve a sense of self awareness and pride for her subjects, her viewers and herself.