I had an abortion my freshman year of college. I grew up in a christian family who believed that there was no reason for a woman to have an abortion. In my freshman year of college I experimented with sex and drugs which ultimately led me to my boyfriend at the time. He not only isolated me from my friends but became sexually and physically abusive. I had never had a boyfriend before or known anyone who spoke out against domestic violence so I quickly thought this was the course of most relationships. I then found out I was pregnant. It was a horrible day, how could I have a child with this man who alienated me from friends and was hitting me. I had so many questions from what would I do with my college studies to would he hit our child? There was no hesitation in me that I would get an abortion. The clinic and volunteers were so supportive along the way. After having the abortion I left him and have never felt more isolated. My family didn’t know what had happened as I went home for the summer from college. I spent most days and nights crying and isolating myself until I found solitude in reading about other women who had shared their story. I share this story today as I found out yesterday he has abused another woman and has also been charged with animal abuse which shows my instincts were right. I am happy in my life and proud of the decision I made. I had my abortion in Ohio who now threatens to take this right away from other women. Whoever you are and whatever the reason, no one can make this decision for you! Stand strong and know that you have many on your side!