I never knew that I would find love in a new city. I moved to the South West for a year to work with a non-profit. Having the opportunity to date exclusively scared me because I didn’t want to get too attached knowing I’d have to leave in a year, but I gave it a shot. After dating for six months the unexpected happened. I had missed my period. I didn’t know if it was just my birth control messing with me as it had before or if I actually was pregnant. The first test came out negative but I waited a week and took another one- POSITIVE. I just couldn’t believe it. I had missed one pill! Immediately I knew that I wanted an abortion but as time went by I settled into the realm of possibilities. My boyfriend was supportive at first and told me he would support any decision I made but I think reality set in and he changed his tune. I knew it was the right decision but I still had a glimmer of hope. Even when we were at the clinic I was hoping that seeing the ultrasound would convince me to keep it but I guess all I could see was an unstable future ahead. I now know that once I gain stability in my life I will be able to go through with a pregnancy when I decide I’m ready.