As a single mom with three children and very little, if any, help from their father I found I was pregnant again. I was devastated. I wanted very much to keep this child and was against abortion. However, with a limited income and no opportunity at the time to obtain a higher wage, I knew it would be impossible to try to raise another child. It would also be unfair to all my children, including the one I was carrying.
I made the difficult decision to terminate the pregnancy. This was nearly 35 years ago. I “speak” to this child often, usually to apologize.
Since then I was able to return to college, earn a Bachelor’s Degree, and advance my career. We never lived in luxury, but we had just enough.
I am now 65 and retired. Having an abortion was not an easy decision and I doubt many women enter into it lightly. But there are times when it is an unfortunate necessity.