I was on birth control and simply unlucky that it failed. I never told anyone except the father so we could discuss the situation without bias. He was supportive of my decision although we later went our separate ways; it had nothing to do with that decision. My beliefs told me he had as much of a say as I did because while it was made in love. Neither of us wanted a child. I have never wanted children but because I don’t have any, the years I have requested to be sterilized I have been denied. I could have avoided this entire situation had fertility laws been different but sadly they are not. It was not easy, it hurt physically and emotionally. We were both poor and it was rather a logical no-brainer for us, but emotionally it was a rollercoaster. A week after the procedure I was simply relieved and that has not changed for a minute. You know your own mind and beliefs. If you really think you can not deal with it dont do it, if you do I recommend it. Everytime I see a child who is abused, neglected, or living in poverty I am thankful for my decision.