In my sophomore year in high school, I met a someone that I thought understood me completely. We were both victims of rape when we were younger. We experimented with each other because we were a bit broken. This was the beginning of a toxic relationship that we would share for two years. Every day we were going further into a depression together, and towards the end of our romantic relationship I got pregnant. I was in denial for two months, and I was left behind by him. Every day I went through emotional downs and never got up. I eventually told my parents and got an abortion at the last day possible. They gave me an ultrasound, and that was when I really saw what I was doing. Every day I tried to convince myself that I wasn’t killing him. Later on, I couldn’t even stand any sexual contact with the same guy, but he still continued to take advantage of me. I was with a monster. Although now I do think back to it. When I think about my future I don’t feel like it will end after graduating. I’m still going, but I just won’t ever forget.