Eventually, I started a relationship with a man who was handsome and charming; leaving me smitten. The relationship changed and he was unfaithful. When confronted, he would get angry. The anger then changed to psychological abuse, then to physical abuse; blaming me for his actions. I’d lock my door at night, that wouldn’t stop him. I was afraid of him but had nowhere to go, no friends or family; and he’d rape me. I became pregnant and was more terrified than ever. I aborted it. I realized I would have to associate myself with a monster of a human, and could never raise a child to see their mother be beaten, raped or killed. I was afraid for my life. It was the second hardest decision to make, my first was walking out that door to save my life, and never look back. I asked for forgiveness, but I don’t regret doing something that I know saved me. I chose my life. Victims of domestic violence will be the only ones who understand.