Had a child at 18. Another at 25. Married to children’s father. College educated and middle class. And I believe this is why my story needs to be told. There is not a typical individual that has an abortion. We have been taught to believe it’s a young, poor woman who becomes a victim. It’s untrue and makes the abortion issue ridiculously uneducated and unbalanced.

I found out I was pregnant early-4 weeks. Months before my 28th birthday and four year wedding anniversary. I knew immediately this was not an option. I made the appointment. Had the abortion at 5 weeks. I still wonder why me? I still question myself sometimes. But I know in my heart I did what was right for my kids, my husband and most importantly for myself. I see women explaining why and I appreciate that, but do we have to? We know why… does making justifications to others make it more just? Or do we feel like we don’t deserve the ability to make these sort of decisions unless we really feel bad and the situation was so terrible there wasn’t another option? In my situation there were many other options. I just chose for my family that they weren’t the right ones for us.