I was 22, naive, dumb, inexperienced and in a relationship with a man 11 years older than me. I eventually went off hormonal birth control after being on it for 5+ years, because it impacted my body and my mental state in really negative ways. He lied to me and told me that he was tested for fertility and had a really low sperm count and that the doctor told him it was unlikely that he would be able to have children.

I became pregnant while I was in the middle of obtaining my university degree. This man was 11 years older than me, but constantly in debt and working a dead-end job; and even though I was a student at the time, I put in more financial contributions into the relationship than he did – I am lucky that I had a scholarship and a family that supported me.

He ended up cheating on me with someone even younger than me.

I am so thankful that I terminated that pregnancy. I completed my university degree, obtained a diploma afterwards and my career is skyrocketing now. At 22 years old, I knew nothing about the world and I was so easily manipulated – I would have not been in a good position to bring a child into the world. My family would have been so angry with me and likely not support me if I kept the child. I would not have been able to discover what I really wanted from my career and what to look for in a relationship. I would not be in a position to be able to provide for a child like I am now.

I am now completely financially independent, experienced, mature and if I needed to be, would be in a position to be able to support a child. The fact of the matter is that as I got older, I realized I have no desire to be a mother.

I have absolutely 0 regrets about my abortion. I do not feel tortured or emotional about the ‘child I lost’. It would have been worse to bring a child into the world at 22 when I did not have the life experience to care for one, the financial means to give it a good life and the desire to be a mother at all.