I was 29 years old and married for 2.5 years when I decided that I wanted to have a tubal ligation. We had no children but I suffered from bi-polar disorder, ADD, and agoraphobia. I was usually heavily medicated to control my symptoms and also had periods of time when I couldn’t function. My husband and I also struggled financially. I had to see a new gynecologist because I had recently moved to the area. She declined my request for a tubal ligation and said that I should use an IUD that would be effective for 10 years. I reluctantly agreed. 6 weeks later I returned to have the IUD checked…my body had partially expelled the device, rendering it useless. I took a pregnancy test that came back positive. After a few days my husband and I decided to stay pregnant. We told our families. I spent the upcoming weeks being very unsure but forging ahead because in my community that’s just what you did. I became very sick, I lost 25 lbs. Between 4 doctors no one could tell me what medications were safe for the baby. I was also very close to losing my job because I was so ill. At 20 weeks I went home in tears and told my husband that I couldn’t continue the pregnancy. I terminated my pregnancy that week. I had to travel to Maryland because Pennsylvania does not allow anesthesia. I know I made the right decision because we lost our home 3 months later and I haven’t been able to work or care for myself properly for the last 2 years. With that said there would have been no way for me to properly care or provide for a child.