I have never regretted my decision to terminate my pregnancy in 2002. I was broke, in a new relationship, away from my family, and just beginning a new job. Even though I didn’t really have it all together at that time, I am not who many people envision when they think of abortion. I am a white, middle class woman (24 years old at that time), and a college graduate who was in a committed relationship and on birth control when I became pregnant.
But, I knew that when I saw the symbol on the pregnancy test and collapsed to the floor crying, this was not how I wanted to start a family.

Exercising my choice of when I was ready for motherhood means that the family I have now is so much healthier. I am still with the partner who was by my side at the abortion clinic. I am almost positive that the stress of bringing a child into the world at that time would have been more than that new relationship could have withstood. We now have 10 years under our belt and have learned how to communicate, budget, and thrive. I was able to stay at my job, which led to the next one, and the next one, and the next one that has me in a career-level position today.

But most importantly, when I chose to become a mother, I had tears of joy looking at that test, knowing I was ready. I know who I am now and I am proud of the stable home I have established. My family is so much stronger today because of a choice I am so glad I had the right to make in 2002.