I was in my first job and did a really stupid thing. Today, I know better. But, I was young, then. I was a paralegal in a large law firm. One of my bosses was a junior partner and we did a lot of work together. We were attracted to one another but there were problems. He was married was one. The law firm had a no fraternizing rule. So, we fought it hard. For almost a year. Then, one night, his wife was out of town and I ran into him, innocently, in a bar. Of course, alcohol was involved and all our inhibitions and better sense blew away and we ended up in my apartment making mad, passionate love. We talked the next morning and we decided to be cool about it. But, then, 2 weeks later, I did not start my period. I immediately went to the doctor and was told I was pregnant. The doctor I saw was really good about it. He knew I was single. He asked me, what do you want to do. I told him, I think I need to have an abortion. He gave me all the information I needed and set up an appointment for me. The abortion was to be performed as an outpatient procedure in the emergency room of a hospital. He then gave me the cost:$740. I decided to go this lawyer, who was really a kind of boss. I will never forget walking into his office, shutting the door, walking over to his desk, where he was standing and going through documents. He stopped what he was doing and looked at me. I told him: I am pregnant. He dropped the papers he was holding. And, then, he, too, asked me the question: What do you want to do? I said that I think an abortion was necessary. He looked relieved and then told me he would pay and help me in any way possible. I told him the cost, the appointment time and thanked him. He gave me the money and I paid up front. He picked me up that morning, took me to my appointment, waited for me in the waiting room, signed for me and took me home. He stayed with me all day. I don’t know how he explained himself to either his wife or the firm. But, I appreciated it. I have not once had one regret. I was not depressed. Rather, I was elated to be out from under something that could have destroyed my life for at least 18 years. I could go back to work, work hard, excel in my career, and not be a very good mother. He already had a child with his wife. I didn’t want my child to be treated second best to the one he already had. I breathed a sigh of relief. I later married and had 3 sons. I have never once been depressed by nor regretted my decision and I have not had one single solitary medical condition that could be related back to the abortion.