I feel the details are not important; I am one of many – if we’re honest with each other.
But, I’d like to say that when the actual day arrived of the abortion, it was more medical than we let the media tell us it is. If Congress would let us direct our medical care with our doctor, the world would be a more compassionate place in all stages of life.

I was 22 at the time, and truly was not able to take care of myself. At first, it was difficult because I didn’t understand what it meant when someone said (or I told myself) I had my whole life in front of me. I thought I had made a mistake to end up in the situation, and then later once I had made my decision. But now, years later, I understand that I did no more wrong than any other young woman. In some ways I was surprised when I arrived to the NYC PP after my initial counseling appointments because the procedure itself was a much more sterile experience than I imagined (even though the anesthesiologist made warm jokes that set me at ease.) Yet now (after working 10 years in a University hospital) I can’t commend the staff and organization enough for creating an environment that was so safe, regulated, and neutral. Neutral meaning nonjudgmental. If I had walked in there for my appointment and changed my mind at the last moment, I KNOW that I would have been treated with respect, and immediately shown the resources to help me on my new path. It was Thanksgiving 2002; I had an abortion, and I have been living a better life ever since.