I want to add my voice in support of everyone who has shared their story here on a public forum or has a story they keep silently in their heart.
I do not regret choosing to have an abortion. For a few months afterward, I felt a mixture of incredible relief, clarity, pride, shame and sadness. It’s now been just over a year since I had the abortion. Today, I feel relief that I had safe access to and could afford the procedure. I acknowledge that mine is a privileged position in that regard. I also feel powerful because my husband and I were able to collaborate to make a decision based on what we felt and continue to feel was right for our family. I still feel some fear-that others will judge me if they knew and I still feel some shame. But in writing this, I realize that the feeling of shame is actually shame that I’m ashamed!!! It is unbelievable to me that despite my confidence, my feeling of empowerment and my clarity, I also feel shame about our decision.

After reading some of the stories here today, I realize that my fear and shame are misplaced. I am making another decision: to start letting go of that fear and shame. I did nothing wrong. I made a decision that was in my own best interest. I matter. My quality of life, my happiness, and my self agency are valid and important and reason enough to have made the decision that I did.

I am proud that I did not let fear and shame overrule my best interest when I found out I was pregnant. I am proud that I listened to myself. I am proud that I prioritized myself and that I trusted myself to make the best decision for me at the time.

Thank you to those that have shared their stories. You have inspired me and helped me find even more clarity around this experience.