I was 22, starting a teaching career, and dating a new guy. I had an IUD,  and when I found out it was placed incorrectly and I was pregnant, I knew I didn’t want a child because
1) I couldn’t financially support a child

2) I didn’t know if I wanted to be connected forever to my then boyfriend and
3) I wanted to travel in my 20’s, change careers, and wouldn’t have as much freedom if I had a child.

My boyfriend wanted me to consider adoption, but I felt strongly that if I were to bring a child into the world I would feel very irresponsible if I didn’t raise it, too. I had the abortion, found out that my Mom had had two abortions before she and my dad were ready for me and my sister (she only ever planned on two children), and dated that guy for another year and a half. For a couple years after I imagined what life would have been like with a 1 year old and then a 4 year old, etc., and I don’t regret my decision at all. I’ve lived in different cities, traveled on a whim, and I’m currently with the love of my life, planning a family that will start in a few years.