I have had three abortions. Considering that I became sexually active at age 15 and knew then that I never wanted to give birth, and I am now 44, I think three is a pretty small number. My first was as a freshman in college and boy oh boy did I feel stupid! I couldn’t even go home because my hometown clinic was closed at the time due to having been firebombed. My next two were when I was with my husband (of 21 years) who never wanted children either, but made birth control always my problem. Hence, two abortions in two years until I found a doctor (a woman) who would listen to me about
the never-ever-wanting-children thing and finally got me on a birth control method that worked (an IUD). I’m now divorced and much, much closer to the end of this whole fertility thing than the beginning. Three abortions was three too many, but I am just thankful I had that choice.