This past spring, my sophomore year in college I missed my period during finals week.
Decided that I was stressed out and that’s the reason why, until the next month when I missed it yet again. I took a pregnancy test and waited anxiously an hour for my boyfriend to get home from work. Luckily we were able to talk it through and decided that scheduling an abortion with planned parenthood for the next week would be the best choice for us. I took a few days off work in order to have a "medical" abortion which consisted of an in clinic vaginal ultrasound and taking a few pills, then taking a few more pills at the same time the next day at home. I was lucky enough to have my boyfriend holding my has through the whole process in the doctors, at home when the cramps and bleeding began and at my follow up appointment. The people at planned parenthood were amazing and made me feel at peace with me decision, there was no judgement but helpful information shared. I was asked repeatedly is I was comfortable and if I had any questions. During the abortion at home I took the pain pills every few hours as prescribed and my boyfriend bought me a heating pad which helped tremendously. I am so blessed to have his support and would tell anyone seeking and abortion so reach out to a loved one who would support them through the process. It is heartbreaking at times but I had to decide what was right for me at this time in my life. I cannot wait to provide for a child when I have the education and career that I hope to obtain.