I was 20 when I had my abortion. It was a three day surgical abortion. I was 17 weeks and didn’t have enough money to pay for it until that happened I honestly thought I was about 10 because my periods have always been a little shotty.

I was really upset about it for a long time and thought about suicide and I was scared about what people would think. My boyfriend and I were together for almost a year at that point. I had a job and a roommate that didn’t have a job and was basically like a mooching 22 year old child which means that I paid everything along with going to school. I’m not proud of what I did but I know that it was the best decision in the long term. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years I am about to graduate university with my bachelor’s degree and I know that in the future I will have children and I am grateful to this experience so that if my daughter ever has this happen to her I can talk her through it and tell her that she is not alone in this. Crap happens, birth control only prevents 99% of pregnancies what about that 1%. I never told my mom or anyone really basically the only ones that know that I ever had an abortion are me, my boyfriend and some really close friends of mine who also had an abortion. The nurses at the clinic were very nice and so humble and I remember them talking to me when I was getting the procedure done asking me about my life and what I wanted to do when I finally got done with college. The women who do that job have hearts of gold.