My first was at 17. I did it because I was ganged raped and had no idea who the father was
and knew raising that child would be a daily reminder of a traumatic event. Not a fair situation for any child to be raised.

The second was when I was 18. I was in teenage love but felt deep inside that both of us were not mature enough. It hurt not only physically but mentally. At the time of decision my sister had just become a teen mom and tried to persuade me to keep the pregnancy. I went with my heart, and had the abortion. When I was discharged from the clinic I was urged to go to my primary care doctor because some ‘numbers’ were off. Two months later I was broken up with my teenage love and in an army recruiters office ready to make adult decisions on my life. Well, I didn’t get in the army because again my numbers we off. Finally went to a doctor and discovered I was in kidney failure. For over 5 years my health declined and one major issue I had was if I could ever have children. The answer was always no. The abortions haunted me, I felt I lost my chance to ever be a mother. Then I joined study of experimental meds at NIH (I live in DC) and next thing I know… on graduations day of college I found out I was pregnant! This time it felt different then the others. Although I was very sick, I was 25 and more secure in my life choices. I actually wanted this baby. Unfortunately, my doctors didn’t feel the same. For the first 6weeks I was told from the best primatologist in VA, DC and MD that abortion was the only way other then death. I refused and found a peril at a catholic hospital that couldn’t tell me to have an abortion, instead the doctor treated me experimenting with medicine. 11 years later my daughter is the best thing to happen to me in my life. I have never regretted my decisions to have abortions or my decision to fight for my daughters life. My pregnancy with my daughter made me go on dialysis 6 days a week, 2 bone marrow biopsy, and 3 strokes. I’m 35 now, and some what the ‘cool’ mom because I’m honest with my child. I tell my child to always listen to her heart. Yes, I have aborted and yes, I still stand by my decision almost 20 years later