The first time I got pregnant I felt like my life was over. I felt like my heart went down to my knees. But, I knew I was not ready to have a child.

I have been with my boyfriend for over 4 years I know he would be a great father for my kids but I am not sure if he is who I want to be the father of my child. After finding out about my first pregnancy, I decided to get the pills for the Medical abortion. Miraculously, the day I decided to take the first pill I start to bleed heavily with severe cramps. I was having a miscarriage. I felt like God did not want me to carry that guilt in my soul… Now I got pregnant again, I feel so stupid, Like again?? why? Of course I know why.. but I mean why did I let this happen again? Didn’t I learn from my first experience?
This time I am having the medical abortion and I am so scared of the pain, the side effects. But this is what I have to do.