At 17 years old I encountered an unexpected pregnancy. Struggling with severe depression I had made the decision to terminate my pregnancy.

Terrified to confront the issue, I attempted suicide through the consumption of 87 antidepressant pills. My parents, without knowledge of my pregnancy, rushed me to the hospital where I fought for my life in the ICU. Once I recovered my entire family showed their support for my decision to terminate my pregnancy. For years after the procedure I dedicated myself to my mental health and academics. Doctors had diagnosed me with bipolar disorder and I was eventually able to overcome it. I graduated high school and then college. Now at 24 years old I am married to a loving man, have a beautiful 2 year old son, own a home and about to start a doctoral program in psychology. I have also grown to manage my symptoms of bipolar disorder. Without the ability and support to obtain an abortion I don’t believe I would be where I am today. I was able to become a mother, who was ready and able to give my child everything he needed, on my own terms. Without my abortion I also don’t believe I would’ve been able to overcome my mental health struggles. Few know of my history, due to the societal views on abortion, but I am ready to break the silence. Abortion saved my life.