My story is actually two. Most recently was a personal experience.

I was 19, and it was just three months into what would later turn into a severely abusive relationship when I figured out I was pregnant. I completely acknowledge that I was incredibly lucky, considering I had the finances to pay, a close and safe clinic that didn’t have protesters, and a family that is not at all shocked by the subject of abortion. My mother was there every step of the way. My boyfriend supported my decision at the time, but later would throw it in my face during fights, which only made me extra grateful I didn’t have that tie to him. Neither of us wanted kids then. And while I briefly mulled over the idea of having the kid, I caught myself thinking of the baby like a punishment for not being more careful. The thought of a child viewed as a punishment upset me so much, that I knew abortion was the right choice for me. So I wrote a letter to the kid, made my peace, and tucked it away- I think I’d like to be buried with it. Anyway, I was also lucky in that I discovered my pregnancy early enough that I could take the pill version, and despite being told to the contrary, I barely cramped at all. I passed one clot and the rest was like having a period. I eventually got out of the abusive relationship and hope to one day have a family that has nothing less than all the love and support I have had.

The other story being one of my maternal family. I knew my mother had had an abortion in college, which is how I knew she was safe to go to when I found myself in the same situation. What I didn’t know till later was that my maternal grandmother also had an abortion. She was also pregnant at 19 but, being rebellious and headstrong, refused to marry the man. Instead she flew to Mexico to receive the procedure, since abortion wasn’t safe in the US during the 1920s. When I learned this I was blown away. My grandmother went on to have 5 daughters, and the youngest had me. I can’t help but feel that without SAFE abortion, I may not even be here.

If it were to become illegal, it wouldn’t stop; I know from my grandmother’s experience. People would be left with either chancing it in another country (if they even have the means) or seeking an “back-alley” abortion with no regulation or safety procedures. All in all, I owe so much to safe abortion.