I was 16 years old when I became pregnant by an emotionally abusive boyfriend. I knew that I could not take care of a child when I was still so young myself. I also knew that if I had the baby, I would be connected to this abusive man for the rest of my life.

After a lot of sleepless nights, I decided the best decision was to immediately breakup with my boyfriend and have an abortion. The only person I told was my mom, who took me to the abortion clinic and then never spoke a word of that day again until about 8 years later. I kept the abortion a secret until I was in my senior year in college; I had always felt so ashamed even though it was something that I thought about often. Although the decision to have an abortion was difficult and stressful, I know that it was absolutely the right choice. I would not be the successful, college-educated woman I am today had I had a child at 16 years old when I was not ready. I also know that talking about my decision and sharing my story is a great way to remove the stigma of having an abortion.