It was the night before my first day of being a senior in highschool, just sixteen soon to turn seventeen a few weeks later, when I finally decided to stop being in denial and take a pregnancy test. Turns out my worst fears were now reality. It’s shocking, it almost takes your breath away.

The morning of my first day of school I had to tell my mother, I knew I could not bring a child into this world and be able to give them what they deserve and I was fearful of the shame my family would have being a teenage mother. It was hard to confide in her I had never had that kind of bond with my mother. I had to do it quick though because my parents were soon leaving to go on a camping trip and it couldn’t wait that long. Turns out she was easier to talk too than expected i soon learned that she too had the same thing happen to her around the same age and it was comforting to know that she knew what I was going through and how hard it was. I was on my own for two weeks. My boyfriend drove me to the clinic and took care of me and I’m thankful for that. Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder, what if I kept them? Would it have worked out? A year later after graduation even while now using birth control I soon found out I was again pregnant and today I am the mother of a three year old son who I couldn’t imagine living without. I don’t know if maybe he was my second chance, my sign to as where I need to go in life, but I took it and never looked back.