When I first learned what abortions were, I immediately said I would never do it if I ever became pregnant. Years later in my mid twenties, I began a new relationship with someone that I really loved but our income and living situation wasn’t right to raise a child at that moment in time. We definitely did not plan for it. We immediately decided to get an abortion.

I felt confused, and sad but I knew it was best. We went to our local clinic, paid the money and within a couple of ours it was all over. It wasn’t physically painful but a little mentally painful to try and understand what I had just one. Eventually I went about my day and life and now, years later we are still together, married for almost 3 years now with a 1 year old daughter. I often look back on that time and wonder if it would of been a girl or boy and etc., but I’m also happy we made that decision. It was best during the time.