I was changing health care programs and missed one month of birth control pills. My husband and I (we were married for only 6 months) later found out I was 6-weeks pregnant. I was a college student working a full-time internship earning $3000 a year. He was making a few hundred dollars a month as a telemarketer. We did not have any family nearby. Neither of us were ready to take on a lifelong responsibility on our own.

I made an appointment the next day and a few days later, I went to a clinic. In the waiting room were single mothers holding down part-time jobs, college students – no one was happy to be there. We just knew we had to take responsibility.

I woke up in a chair after the abortion. I didn’t feel awful either physically or emotionally. This was just one of many hard decisions I would have to face in my life.

I have never regretted what we chose to do. We both found careers, bought our house and waited 9 years to have our children. We have two lovely children, a house, careers, college savings in the bank, etc… If we had a child at that point in our lives, we would never be where we are now.

I am very happy that I live in a country which allows my husband and I to make a decision that affects our lives as much as a child does. Every woman should have this choice. I have never regretted mine.