I felt like a stereotype. I was 16 years old and had just lost my virginity when I found out I was pregnant.

It was the second time I’d ever had sex and we used condoms so how did I end up pregnant? The day I took an at-home test and it came back positive, I called my mom in tears and told her she needed to skip her plans for that night and come home because I had to tell her something. Of course, she figured it out before she’d made it home, but she calmed me down and asked what I wanted to do.

She didn’t tell me I had to get an abortion or deal with the consequences of my stupid decision to have sex so young. I told her I wanted an abortion. I was 16. I wanted to go to college and I wanted my boyfriend to go to college. I didn’t feel ready to raise a child. So she drove me to my local Planned Parenthood facility where I received THE BEST care I’ve ever gotten. There was no judgement, just calm understanding. No one ever questioned my choice or tried to talk me out of it. Which is EXACTLY what women need. I have never regretted my decision. Yes, I think about it almost every day, but not once have I ever wished I hadn’t had my abortion. I made the right decision for myself and I will not feel ashamed about that.