I was twenty one years old. It was 1973. I was engaged to be married the summer after I graduated. I was attending a baptist university, getting ready to do my student teaching.

The only member of my family to graduate from college. Had administrators of this school found out about my pregnancy I would have been sent home. I had seen it happen before. My fiance told me he would get the money if I wanted to have an abortion or we would get married and have the baby. He would support me in whatever I chose. I knew that if I was sent home I would not graduate. All I could think about was what a disappointment I would be to my parents, who had sacrificed so much for me to go to college. I chose to have an abortion. The following June I married. We waited ten years to have children. I have a son and a daughter. I still think about my baby that I aborted, but I know that I made the right choice for me at that time. All women deserve the right to choose for themselves what is best for them.