I had an abortion at 15, without my parents knowledge or consent.

In England I had the right to an abortion without my parents consent because I was old enough to make my own mind and the two doctors who agreed to it felt I knew what I was doing and making the right decision.

I did make the right decision.

See, so many people are disgusted that a child can have a medical procedure without a legal guardian being informed, but please read my reasons to having this termination and not telling anyone.

I was irresponsible, 15 and drunk. I was at a party and lost my virginity to a guy, who I’d only met a handful of times. Of course, my mum new nothing of this. I come from a very religious, very strict family. I was expected to follow in my mothers footsteps of celibacy (No sexual interaction or even sexual thoughts until marriage).

I’m not religious, I am not my mother and I wanted to break free. But I did not want to get pregnant.

No we did not use protection,
No we did not know each other very well,
And no, I was not forced.

To all those who say I should have ‘faced the consequences’ of my actions. Believe me, I did. Abortion is not the easy way out, I was 15, I repeat, 15, and I faced it all on my own.

An abortion hurts, physically, it does hurt. I threw up constantly for a week, I bled for about 3 weeks and I dealt with it on my own.

I had the emotional trauma, the fact my family were against abortion, the fact my mums church preached against, the fact I felt like a murderer. I constantly thought about what I’d done, but in all honestly, if I could go back, I’d do it again.

Abortion was the right choice for me, it was the right decision and now I’m doing a fine art degree at University, something which I would not have achieved if I’d had not had the abortion, as my parents . Now, I’m pregnant, I’m 27 weeks and I’m having a little boy. I’m so excited to be a mother, because now,I want a child and will love and care for my boy to the best of my ability.

I’m not married and I no longer have contact with my parents, but that’s not so bad now, because I’m old enough and mature enough to cope without them, at 15, I wasn’t ready.

I have the utmost respect for young mums but please don’t judge my decision to have an abortion.