I was 17 when I got pregnant from an abusive boyfriend. I was on birth control but terrible at taking it regularly. The doctor came in after my exam and said, you’re pregnant. What are you going to do about it?

I had zero doubt. I went home and told my Mom I was pregnant and going to get an abortion. I had to have the procedure done twice, for reasons I can’t completely recall. It was a big secret. My mom said she wouldn’t even tell my step-dad, if I didn’t want her to. The abortion was paid for through insurance. I have kept it a big secret for many years. I have felt a lot of shame in unveiling my decision to people. I wish I didn’t feel so ashamed. I know I made the right decision. I am now 37 and haven’t gotten pregnant since. I have only recently told my Dad (very religious) that I had an abortion at 17. He gave me no response.