Sarah Jane

I terminated my pregnancy due to medical conditions of the baby. I was very sad at the time as we tried for over six years to get pregnant with our second baby. On my 2nd round of Clomid (fertility drug) we were able to get pregnant with a beautiful baby girl. We did not find out anything was wrong with her until almost the 15-16th week.

I had a level 2 ultrasound with a fetal specialist and it showed that she has severe spina bifida with neuro damage and they were unsure of the level of damage. She would never walk, and never have control of her bowel or bladder as well as had a high chance of fetal death in utero. It was heart breaking. We didn’t’ want her to suffer. We made the loving choice to terminate. She was at 19w3d. I am glad I made this decision because I saved her… I saved her suffering.