I was 19. Which basically means I was young and carefree. I just got out of a three year relationship with a guy that I was sure that I would marry. Similar to a lot of young adults, I was trying to experience as many new things as I could while I was in college. I was at a club with four of my friends from school. We all went outside to smoke a cigarette and I brought a guy that I was talking to for a while. My friends were embarrassing me because of how loudly drunk they were so when the guy asked me to go for a walk I didn’t mind getting away. Looking back, I wonder why my friends didn’t say anything when they watched me walk away with a stranger. This guy and I talked about how I just got out of a relationship and wasn’t ready to have sex with anyone else yet, but I guess that was a lie. We ended up in a parking lot, kissing and dancing. I told him I wasn’t going to have sex with him but somehow in the moment while we were kissing I got so caught up in it that I didn’t notice my skirt was up around my waist. It wasn’t until he told me that he was going to cum in me that I realized I didn’t remember him putting a condom on. I threw him off of me, but I guess the damage was already done. It was an incredibly successful one night stand, because all I knew about him was his age and where he worked. I knew I could never handle raising this strangers kid by myself. It was just the wrong time. I terminated my pregnancy. My closest friend took me to a Planned Parenthood (which is ironic because the only time I hear about Planned Parenthood is when the pregnancy is unplanned). It was oddly normal. No crying, and no sadness. I always thought an abortion clinic would have the air of a funeral home, but it was much more natural and calming. I don’t regret my choice.