I am a 37-year-old divorced mother of two young girls. I live in Ireland, where abortion is illegal. Several years ago I got pregnant unexpectedly by an emotionally abusive and manipulative boyfriend. I was afraid that if I had his baby, he would feel he owned me and I would never be free of him. I felt that a secret abortion was the only way to avoid his anger and escape the relationship.

I had to ask my parents for money to travel to England, as there was no way I could have afforded the trip on my own. After the abortion I told my boyfriend (by then he was my ex) that I had miscarried, which was plausible given my medical history.

There is no question that the abortion made my life better. From the start it was clear to me that it was my only real choice; the only way to finally get rid of my abuser and to keep from psychologically damaging my daughters. It was the catalyst that allowed me to get out of a terribly damaging relationship and move forward with my life. I have never looked back and have no regrets.