I wanted to become a mom since I was a teenager, but I knew that I needed to wait until I was financially stable and in a healthy relationship. I started volunteering at Planned Parenthood when I was 16, because they provided me with the education and resources I needed – including birth control and annual exams. I became a campus coordinator for NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon when I was in my early 20’s, and actively worked for reproductive rights for all women.
Although I have been pro-choice for as long as I can remember, I never thought I would get an abortion myself. Several years ago, I learned that my mom and sister both had abortions, and was grateful I never had to make that decision.

After dating my (now) husband for about a year, we found out I was pregnant. I still had over a year of my master’s program to complete, and we were engaged to be married that summer.
After much thoughtful discussion, we decided to terminate the pregnancy so I could finish my schooling, we could get married, and have time to invest in our relationship as a couple before adding children to our family.
It was a very difficult decision, and I have cried many times over the loss of my potential child, but I do not regret our choice to abort. I know that when we are ready to have a child, we will commit to raising an amazing little person who will help make the world a better place.
Some people may think we were selfish, because we wanted more time to go out with our friends and live as a child-free couple. But for us, this was the best way to create our family. We want our child to be intended, and our family to reflect our shared values. We needed time as a couple, and as individuals, to grow and become the kind of people and parents we aspire to be.