I have had two abortions: the first when I was in my early twenties and newly married, the second when I was about 5 years older.

I’m proud of both decisions, I was unwilling and completely unable (due to financial and emotional issues) to have a baby. I am proud that I did not bring a child into a situation in which it could not be properly cared for. Both times (one in LA and one in NYC) I was able to easily access the care I needed with no trouble which is how it should always be for every woman. I was lucky enough to be supported by family and friends. In my view it is a strong ethical obligation to not bring a child into the world to be unwanted and unhappy and not wanting to ruin my own life is nothing to be ashamed of either! My only problem with any of it is that it was expensive in both cases and I do not believe cost should be an issue with abortion or any healthcare need.