I was in college when I found out I was pregnant. Emotional broken and depressed over a breakup with my boyfriend I sought out a new guy as quickly as I could. What I thought was the beginning of our new relationship was just a one-night-stand for him. We used a condom when I chose to have sex with him but I awake to him having sex with me again, this time without a condom or my permission.

When two months later I was sick beyond sick, I took a pregnancy test to find out I was pregnant. I called him and casually asked how he was doing… growing up in a family against abortion I was certain I didn’t have a choice and hoped maybe he would try to kindle a relationship with me. Boy was I wrong, he quickly told me he was hanging out with his girlfriend and asked what I wanted… so I told him. I told him I was pregnant, foolishly again thinking that that would magically change his mind. He asked me to take a 2nd test and call him back. I did, and he told me that he would send me the money for an abortion.. when I told him I didn’t believe in abortion he said “You do what you want, I’ll pay child support but that is it.” I learned a good lesson that day about men, Disney fairy tales aren’t real and you shouldn’t expect them.

Let me make it clear, I do not want and have never wanted children. Not only was I so sick I couldn’t go to class, study, or function in my daily life now it was also thrust upon me that I would be a single mother with an uninterested prick as a father. Two more weeks, I realized it wasn’t happening. It wasn’t fair to me, my life or my career choice. Abortions ARE NOT bad, it didn’t hurt me any more than having my period and mentally I don’t think a 2nd thing about it, even nearly a decade later. I’m very happy to find that 1 in 3 woman will have an abortion, so often I feel outed when people have an abortion discussion. I want to shout that they have no idea and have no right to tell other people to do with their body.

My only regret is telling my best friend, who didn’t agree with my decision and it ruined our friendship. Ironically, I look at her life now: she was knocked up in a one-night-stand and had her child… never finished school, bounces from one minimum-wage job to another, living in poverty and struggling with depression and drug use.

I know I made the right choice for myself and wouldn’t change a thing.