I was 21 in early 1988 and recently separated from a mentally-abusive husband, whom I had foolishly married at 18 to get out of my alcoholic and abusive parent’s house (frying pan, meet fire).

I’d gotten pregnant while taking the pill – the dose of hormones I’d been given wasn’t strong enough for me – just before I moved out, according to the calendar.

I barely could feed myself on what little I made, let alone raise a child. I also knew if I had that baby, I would be chained to an abusive man for the rest of my life. The therapy I went through after that divorce only solidified my belief I made the right choice. Who knows if the abuse would have escalated? I didn’t stick around to find out and I certainly wasn’t going to subject a child to it.

All these years later, I still firmly stand by my choice. I have actively fought to keep that choice alive for other women, too.

Thank you for starting this campaign. I’ll be donating shortly.